Anyone who wants to bring new questions for the QuizBot should post them in the below format and pay attention to correct spelling.
(Please do not copy questions from any other online quiz because SPiN-Quiz is based on a former version of an IRC-Quiz)
Please, no new math or guessing questions like, for example :"How many times did Savage Garden win the ARIA. Award in Australia?" , as QuizBot generates such questions automatically.
Category: Music
Question: In what year did Madonna release her first Album?
Answer: 1983
Level: Easy

Category: (Always describe on first line)
Question: (Question ALWAYS placed below the Category line)
Answer: (Answer will be matched when there is no RegExp. line) *look at explanation below*
RegExp.: (use UNIX-style regular expressions)
Level: easy (1 point) - normal (2 points) - hard (3 points) - extreme (4 points)
Hint: (Give one or more *own* hints, if not, with each hint there will be more letters added, like (an....) --- (ans...) --- (answ..))

Please don't make up new categories; use the categories listed below. New categories only should be added when you have about 30 questions about the category. Please don't create new 'double-categories', like "politics & history" because you aren't sure in what category your question would fit in - decide a category you think would be best.
You can choose from : General, Art, Astronomy, Automobile, Biology, Botany, Cartoon Trivia, Chemistry, Computer, Famous Phrases&Quotes, Food & Drinks, Film & TV, Geography, Languages, Literature, Maths, Medicine, Music, Mythology, Science, Something Funny, Sports, Technology.
Questions with dates
When you want to write a question with dates don't ask 'When was ...?', ask 'In what year...?' . Any RegExp. (like: RegExp: 1967) can be left out then: The new QuizBot generates it automatically when the answer contents dates between 1000 and 2999 and when 'year' is mentioned.

Must there always be a RegExp. added in the question?
No! It usually is enough when there are 'number signs' (#) in the answers.
Question: Who played Jo March in the 1994 film adaption of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women?
Answer: Winona #Ryder#

It also is possible to write it this way:
Question:Who played Jo March in the 1994 film adaption of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women?
Answer: Wynona Ryder
RegExp: .*Ryder

How does RegExp. work?

Example: When there are many answers for a question, there MUST be worked with RegExp. It won't work any other way.

Category: General
Question: Name one of the presidents whose face is caved on Mt. Rushmore.
Answer: Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt or Washington
RegExp: (Jefferson|Lincoln|Roosevelt|Washington)
Level: Normal

Example: When there is asked for two or more correct answers and there is no importance about the order:
Question: What are the two biggest countries in the world?
Answer: Russia and Canada
RegExp: (russia.* canada|canada.* russia)
Level: Normal
(In this case ' Russia Canada' or ' Canada Russia', also, 'Russia and Canada' , 'Canada and Russia' will be accepted in the game.
It though is important that there is space between the two words after the ' * ' otherwise 'russiacanada' would be accepted either.)

Example: Who even wants the 'and' to be in the question should formulate it this way:
Question: In what food is collagen found?
Answer: Fish and Meat
RegExp: (Fish and Meat|Meat and Fish)
Level: Normal
(It's important that you put it in parenthesis!)

Example: When signs can be left out.
Category: Computers
Question: BE produced this operating system.
Answer: Be OS
Regexp: (be[ /\-]?os)
Level: Hard

(Here everything that's mentioned in the brackets can be left out. You can use it when there are more signs to be left out.)

translated by scharry, thx a lot :-)